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We specialize in creating multi award-winning music, sound design and voice overs for games, television, films, commercials and trailers. Over the past 22 years we have worked with the biggest names in the business from our studio facility in the heart of London. Our team of award winning in house composers, Grammy award winning engineers, sound designers and voice directors have brought their unrivalled talent and experience to hundreds of commercials, trailers, broadcast television shows and video games totaling sales of over 300 million units.

In the video games arena we are recognized as global leaders in creating immersive interactive scores for blockbuster franchises such as James Bond 007: Blood Stone (Activision), Mass Effect (BioWare), Little Big Planet series (Sony) and Starship Troopers (Empire / Sony Pictures). We are also fluent in all aspects of interactive audio and are highly experienced in implementation using audio middleware tools such as Wwise and Fmod.

Our dynamic and in-demand composing style is also highly sought after in advertising media where our dramatic scores are featured in numerous premier TV and movie theatre campaigns for some of the world's largest media agencies (SAATCHI, MCCANN ERICSSON, BBDO) and top name brands such as AUDI, BACARDI, MERCEDES-BENZ and STELLA ARTOIS.

We have also created memorable themes and underscore for prime time TV shows such as Prize Island, Catchphrase, and Fifteen to One, both in the UK across BBC, ITV and Channel 4 as well as top rated shows for Fox and Discovery.

Our trailer work is much in demand, delivering high impact, on message campaigns for games, film and television trailers.

We have a multi studio facility in London, where artists ranging from DJ Grandmaster Flash to eight times Grammy winning composer Dave Grusin have visited us. We also have a second studio in Brighton.